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Plants are the perfect gift. We carry a wide variety of plants and planters.  With 24 hour notice we can often accommodate most special request if the plant is available. Our plant price ranges are from $60. to $300.

We get several shipments of plants each week. Due to the availability we are unable to have every plant we have in stock on the website.                               


Blooming Plants and Green Plants

                                                  Bromelaids in various colors   and sizes $70.   $75. up to $150.

                                     Single Azalea plants in basket $60. and $65.


Orchid Plants color and type of orchid may vary as available $99.95


Dish gardens in all sizes and different containers  Prices range from $85.  to $200. 

Dish garden with fresh flowers inside. They in with a variety of sizes and containers. Prices range from $95. to $250.


Single plants are planted in 6", 8", 10" and 12" pots.                    When we send a plant we place the plant in a basket                 and add a ribbon. One question we get most about the plants is what is the difference in size. The photo below is of a 6", 8" and 10" plant side by side so that you can see the difference.

6" green plant price  $60, $65 and  $70.

8" green plant price  $75. and $80

10 " green plant $90,  $95 and $100

                            Peace lily/closet plant in basket with ribbon          we have peace lily plants from $60 to $125.

                                                                  Croton Plant in basket with ribbon

we have croton plants from $60. to $90.

Triple Basket of three single plants  $125. to $195. plants vary as available


Basket with a variety of small plants $125.-$200.   Plants and baskets vary as available

Large Basket with various green plants and an azalea $150.