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Plants are the perfect gift 

Call to see what plants we have in today! We get fresh shipments several times a week! 

Azalea Plants in various colors

Bromelaids in various colors

Dishgardens in all sizes

Our price range for single plants is $60. to $200.

We can also make combination baskets with two, three or four single plants.                                                             

Double basket $100.    

Triple Basket $125. to $150.

We can also make a basket of mixed small plants similar to a dish garden. These range from $90. to $150.

     Single closet plant 

the plant as pictured $60. we have larger closet plants for $65 up to $150. single croton plant

plant as pictured $60.

  single plant(floor size) palm as pictured $100.


Double Basket of two single plants $100. plants vary as available


Triple Basket of three single plants $125. to $150. plants vary as available


Basket with a variety of small plants as pictured $100. can range from

$100. to $155.   plants vary as available