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Budget Friendly

Sometimes you want a little something special without breaking the bank. We understand and have thousands of designs we can make for you. Call us and let us tell you what we have available or order from these. Fresh flowers in a vase start at $50. and go up to $1,000.

BF #1  Vase of alstromeria lilies

BF #2  Roses in a cube. We have roses red, white, yellow, purple, orange and sometimes other special colors. We can change cube color.

BF #3 Beautiful basket of cheer with a butterfly                             Daises, carnations, mini carnations, babies breath and more. Brighten someones day with this one!

BF #4  Peace lilies plant in basket with bow

BF #5   Mini carnations in cube vase. We have mini carnations in white, red, pinks, purples, yellow and more.

BF # 6 Fall colors of Alstromeria lilies and fall leaves.

BF #7 Vase of carnations, lilies, statis and lilies.

BF # 8  Vase of carnations, daises and baby breath.

BF #9 Roses and bear. We have a variety of plush animals and bears. Color of bear may be different as available.

BF # 10  Croton plant in basket.

BF #11 Bowl of hydrangea

BF #12            Vase of flowers with teddy bear. Teddy bear colors may vary as available.

BF #13

BF #14

BF #15  Azalea Plant in basket with bow

BF #16

BF #17  Six roses in a cube vase. We carry red, yellow, orange, purple, white, and other colors of roses too!

BF #18 Blue Hydrangeas in glass cube

BF #19

BF #20

BF #21

BF #22

BF #23

BF# 24

BF #25

BF # 26

Plush animal with Mylar balloons. $55. and up for combination.       Great for   Birthday, Get Well Soon, I Love You, New Baby or just to brighten someones day. Balloons $6. each. We have teddy bears and lots of other plush animals that range from $20.  $30.  $40. and up

BF #27 

Fun and playful. Vase with a smiley sunflower (case may vary as available) Combo of all three starts at $55. and up. Additional balloons $6. each

BF #28   Not sure what to send? Let Georgia design a custom arrangement for any occasion. $50. and up